About Us


Ethos and Culture of BYDC

As a company we strive to get the best from all of our dancers with fun energetic classes that leave you wanting more. We pride ourselves on teamwork, trust and loyalty and expect that from all our dancers.

As part of B&NES Youth Dance Company you need to be a driven, committed, passionate dancer, with a thirst to learn and move. You need to want to take responsibility for your learning e.g. warm up when you arrive, wear the correct dance clothes and embrace choreographic challenges.

Background of Company

Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) is rich in its abundance of private and community led dance schools, providing opportunities for young people and children to engage in dance from Tap to ballet, from Street Dance to Stage School. At least seven out of its 14 secondary schools provide some form of dance accreditation through G.C.S.E, A Level or BTEC Dance. B&NES has a thriving youth dance scene, but has a significant gap in the lack of opportunities for young people to access Contemporary Dance outside of school.

Unless the young people happen to attend a school that has dance as part of their curriculum or offers it as a form of accreditation, young people may never get the chance to discover, explore or be inspired by contemporary dance. In turn this has led to a lack of B&NES youth dance representation at regional and national events and initiatives.

This lack of opportunities for young people to experience contemporary dance in B&NES is what spurred me to found B&NES Youth Dance Company.

I proposed to in a funding bid that my dance company- Peppered Frills Dance works in partnership with Bath Spa University to develop the vision of a B&NES Youth Dance Company. A Youth Company that would support young people’s aspirations, support Bath Dance’s mission to make dance visible in B&NES, as well as develop passion in young people to access Contemporary Dance and take it to a higher level.

From this, we got the funding to develop B&NES Youth Dance Company and have been going strong since 2012

Aims and Objectives

As a company we aim to ignite in our dancers...

TRUST : To work well together and trust each other

CONFIDENCE : To take part in regular performances and have confidence in your own ability.

RESPONSIBILITY : To be responsible for their bodies development- warm-up, stretch, live a healthy lifestyle, wear the correct clothing.

INSPIRATION : To be inspired by different choreographers and dancers.

DESIRE : The desire to keep training in contemporary dance to a higher level.

We aim to do this by...

INSPIRING : Young people to engage and develop their skills in Contemporary Dance through working with professionals, partnering with the University Dance Department and delivering exciting workshops.

NURTURING : A pilot youth dance company that responds and evolves to the needs of the participants and the local area.

SUPPORTING : Listening to and supporting the dancers in their aims, dreams and development.

SIGNPOSTING : Aspiring young dancers to access specialist knowledge, expertise and high quality opportunities.

What do young people gain from dance?

Through dance young people gain access to both a core artistic discipline and to collaboration with other art forms. They develop skills in physical interaction, team working, problem solving, observing, evaluating, verbal and non-verbal communication of ideas and emotions, and in making connections, design in space, musicality and creativity. Dance can improve self-esteem and confidence; it can widen aspiration and help tackle obesity and other health issues. Dance offers young people a wide range of physical, psychological, social and emotional benefits including:

Artistic and aesthetic understanding

• Understanding of a core artistic discipline; access to a unique means of translating ideas, expressing meaning and communicating with others

• Kinaesthetic, physical, spatial and visual awareness and literacy

• Integrating the processes of performing, making, observing and appreciating

• Collaborating with other art forms

• Making informed and critical judgements

• Developing creative thought and action 

Cultural awareness

• Appreciation of diversity in cultures, cultural values and traditions

• Appreciation of context

• Understanding the signifiers of identity

• Understanding the processes of cultural transmission, mobility, fusion and change

• Physical empathy and understanding of difference

Health and well-being

• Co-ordination, control, posture, strength, stamina, flexibility and mobility

• Physical confidence, enjoyment in moving

• Developing a responsible attitude to health and well-being

• Making connections between feelings, values, ideas


• Learning through spatial, kinaesthetic, visual and verbal modes

• Enhanced memory through physical patterning and repetition

• Observation, analysis and developing strategies to improve performance

• Exploring and experimenting

• Attention, focus and bringing whole self to the moment

• Enjoyment, motivation, inspiration, aspiration and achievement

Life and Employability

• Confidence and self-esteem

• Communication and negotiation skills; experience in giving and taking feedback

• Skills in working with others and in building consensus to achieve goals

• Problem-solving

• Leadership skills

• Flexibility and experience of working in different ways

• Ability to respond creatively to challenges; to generate innovative ideas


• Reading meaning in signs, spatial design, gesture, posture, bodily tension

• Expressing meaning through signs, spatial design and body language

• Appreciation of linear and non-linear narrative and abstract structures

• Speaking and listening through discussion, evaluation, appreciation

• Developing vocabulary to describe, analyse and interpret


"I just wanted to personally congratulate BYDC on your professional attitude throughout the weekend at Pavilion Dance" Gemma Connell- Youth and Education Co-ordinator, Pavilion Dance

"The judges thought the performance was a great piece of stage craft and that the performers were really brilliant. The dancers were nicely costumed and the spacing of the performance was lovely. There were some great psychological moments throughout the piece." Gemma Connell- Youth and Education Co-ordinator, Pavilion Dance

"Fleur is a enthusiastic and committed practitioner who puts her heart into sharing her passion for dance with young people. It is plain to see that the young dancers she works with look up to her.

I am familiar with Fleur Hoefkens as an active member of the Bath Dance Steering Group. I have found her to be a dedicated, highly competent practitioner and a strategic thinker, capable of translating plans into effective actions. I am confident that she has the skills, energy and commitment to successfully deliver B&NES Youth Dance Company" 

Lisa Lort- Creative Producer for Dance For Bath

" Thank you very much for all the hard work you've put into the show. Thank you for not giving up on it or loosing faith with it. Hope we were worth it. Love The Devil's Music Dancers"

The Egg Theatre Youth Dance Company Members

"It was such a shame that you could not see the performance today as it was SO GOOD!  I hadn’t realised it was going to be such a high quality performance.  I really enjoyed it.  Also I didn’t realise there would be so few dancers.  It was fab for Kara that she got the opportunity to do it and I think she kept up. Thank you."


" Fleur's dance group builds up your confidence and is fun and energetic. Dancing  with Fleur improves skill and imagination because she really encourages you to do your own choreography. I have been dancing with Fleur for 4 years and I really enjoy it! "

Lucy down, Age 12.